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Go VIIMMÁT šattai mu vuorru, mon savkalin hui jaskadit “Lean lássen čoavdaga skáhpii sisa, sáhtašeiddet go mu veahkehit?” In háliidan ahte juohkehaš galggai diehtit man jalla mon ledjen.

Why would I shell out more per month to generally be pressured to downgrade to a G router, or superior still be forced to Pretty much double my latest charter fee to have the N router/modem combination. It's not helping, in truth it is just additional agitating. Excellent matter my agreement expires this month.

kamu juga tau kan, dua tahun ini terasa berat buat aku, dengan aku yang merasa ga betah kalau harus berurusan atau berkomunikasi dengan orang ga penting itu, dan nampaknya harus sedikit bertahan beberapa lama lagi.

By increasing the download speed (and at the same time charging us extra with the modem/router combo that Many people tend not to want or want) and keeping the utilization Restrict exactly the same, it can just allow us to arrive at our usage limit more rapidly. Obviously, that’s in all probability what Rogers meant. Extra money for them.

With the speedy rise of online movie, social networking and on the web gaming, the way Canadians use the online world is changing radically. We’re constantly reviewing our strategies to be sure they meet your altering requires so beginning later on this month, our Hi-Speed Internet tiers are increasingly being upgraded with more quickly obtain speeds and higher details allowances for patrons on Rogers DOCSIS 3.0, our greatest and fastest wireline network.

Go mu skáhpe viimmat lei ráhpon, mon hoahpuhasten bivttastit ja vihken ruoktut. Nuppi beaivvi vulgen gávpogii ja osten ođđa lása, dán háve diekkár masa ii dárbbaš čoavdaga…

23 February at 21:forty two […] posing some awkward queries to the BCA. The primary information short article through the hearing is within the Index on Censorship and Jack of Kent is because of blog site about right now’s hearing any minute, so I will depart it to Those people […]

This may be An important improve affecting dozens of articles or blog posts and should probably be issue to a proper and widely-advertised proposal.

I are convinced this should be decided on a case-by-scenario basis without the need of reference for the validity of religious beliefs. A fantasy is usually a Tale, that may be explained to in many ways by several tellers. Cf. OED: "A traditional Tale, usually involving supernatural beings or forces, which embodies and gives an explanation, aetiology, or justification for anything like the early record of the Modern more info society, a spiritual belief or ritual, or maybe a organic phenomenon." A narrative is a selected textual content relating a story. Cf. OED: "An account of the number of situations, details, and many others., presented if you want and With all the establishing of connections amongst them; a narration, a Tale, an account." Should the write-up is about the story devoid of becoming tied into a version in a single precise text, the term "myth" needs to be used in the title. If the post is about a specific textual instantiation of a myth, the word "narrative" should be used in the title. In some cases there is just one textual instantiation of the myth, which include Genesis creation narrative. In this sort of conditions the subject on the post should determine the title, and it could be appealing to obtain two unique content, a person on the myth and a single to the narrative, when they'd be supportable by trusted resources.

Dego ii lean doarvái ahte lean ožžon paraplya, de lean maiddái álgán mannat lášmmohallanvistiide zumba dánsoset ja veahá nu ain maid gávpotolbmot dahket.

899 Salmeboka minhtas minuhttaj, wow! Vuojnáv NRK:a la dán vásse ájllega sáddim gájka 899 sálmajt ådå sálmmagirjes tv:an. 200 kåvrå lidjin lávllom sálmajt ja akta dajs lij Drag Jiena. Hávsske gullat ja vuojnnet ietjas gielav, gáptev ja dåbdosijt lávllomin rijkka Tv set:an, juska mån iesj dal internehtan dajt lav vuojnnám.

På norsk: Ánná Káisá gjør seg tanker om når hun møter på identitetsproblemer, for eksempel når hun griller.

Duođai hálidan dušše veallánit gievkánláhti guldalit “O, helga natt” ja oađđit gitta vuolggán Deatnui, muhto amma gal dat livččui? In jáhke mu roomie liikošivččui dasa.

Jos dii imástallabehtet govt geavai ovddit lávvordaga go čállen bloggii, ráhkisvuođabeaivvi…

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